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By Popular Demand!

You, our valued customers asked if we had a service that could cater to your parents and be available to charter them to doctors appointments, grocery shopping etc! Well now we are able to offer this as part of our services at T.G.T Inc.

A low cost and senior-friendly transportation services to medical appointments, other therapeutic programs and grocery shopping.

Your parents or loved ones who are in need of these services when you are unavailable throughout the day usually have the following:

  • They have physical or psychological limitations that prevent them using public transportation

  • They are frail and require an escort

  • They may not be eligible for WheelTrans or any other assisted transportation

  • Their friends or relatives may not be available to drive them and a taxi service is more than they can afford

We are happy to offer many charters throughout the day to the following:

  • Medical, dental, or therapeutic appointments

  • Shopping

  • Banking

  • Errands

  • and much more!


Call us today to find out more about our services or book yours today

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