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Helping you make the safe & proper decision when it comes to your child's transportation needs


Nothing is more important to T.G.T Inc. than the safety of your child while in our care. We are always continuing to strive to create a safe and enjoyable ride for all the children, as well as our drivers.  


Below we have highlighted questions that every parent should know the answers to regarding the potential transportation company that may be providing the ride to and from school. Before choosing your transportation ask the company these simple questions, does your transportation company have...


  1. yellow school buses?

  2. ministry school bus licensed drivers?

  3. medically approved drivers?

  4. criminal checks done on all drivers?

  5. first aid, cpr, epipen training?

  6. watch your child go inside their destination safely? 

  7. door to door drop offs?

  8. bus identification tags?

  9. checklists at every school?

  10. detailed runs to ensure your child gets to their correct destination?

  11. friendly & caring drivers?

  12. defensive driver training for all drivers?

  13. mto driver's abstracts?

  14. commercial liability insurance?

  15. all buses equipped with gps radio systems? 

  16. public vehicle licences?



TGT INC. Helping Parents Make The Right Choice

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