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Covid-19 Precautions

New policies and procedures will be put in place to minimize the risk of covid-19 transmission. We understand that these new procedures may be a lot for families to become accustomed too, but we ask for your patience and understanding as we do our best to keep your children and our staff as safe as possible.



We plan to implement, to the best of our abilities, the following procedures to help keep everyone safe


  • PPE such as masks and gloves along with face shields for drivers if requested. 


  • Masks for all students.


  • Assigned seating in Cohorts.


  • Bus cleaning after each run with approved disinfectant spray.


  • Sanitizer being available on buses (though it is recommended children carry their own or children wash their hands before embarking in bus).


  • Open windows for proper ventilation (when able)


  • Leaving seat behind driver open when available to allow for distancing between driver and children.


We are learning more guidelines each day. Our plan is to follow the guidance of the heath officer of Durham as well as the School Boards, so we can provide the safest way to travel on the bus each day.

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