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We work around the clock to ensure you have the peace of mind that when we pull away from your doorstep you are comforted each time. Safety is our number one priority, we are dedicated to ensuring all of our drivers have the correct accreditation and licencing.

T.G.T Inc. Has been providing door to door transportation since 1988. Our story began when Judy started providing a ride to school for her neighbours children! After the first week, Judy thought what a great idea, transportation options for parents and children outside school zones...and today over 25 years later, T.G.T Inc. a private transportation service for Judy’s “children”, your loved ones.


T.G.T Inc. employs drivers that are the safest, best-trained professionals in the industry. Our training program is one of the most comprehensive training programs providing CPR and road safety to our drivers which is mandatory for them to start driving our buses. Along with our training we utilize a GPS technology through our radio systems to track our buses activity. We maintain high expectations for our drivers to maintain the safest environment for your most precious cargo. As a family-owned and operated company, we have a wealth of knowledge of what it takes to make this process an enjoyable and reliable service to our customers, and still maintain an unmatched level of local support. We believe in providing accountable and customer-focused transportation service from home to school and back, special needs private transport, field trips, daycare pick up/drop off, charter trips, senior errands or day trips with organizations across Durham Region. You’re not only partnering with our company but you are partnering with another parent who knows what caring service, cost efficiencies, safety and training excellence and a family owned and operated company that has access to a wealth of expertise after serving in Durham Region for over 25 years.

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Whether you need

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